“Our project was very large and complex, and our client had a unique request in that they wanted to divide the furniture package between 3 different Grand Rapids dealers; and by far, Trellis proved to be our favorite! Their willingness to go above and beyond was unmatched. They were always quick to help with whatever we needed, they dealt with our challenging schedule exceedingly well, and they delivered top-notch service and product.”
Architecture Firm Megan S. | Senior Designer
“I have been working with Max Bielby from Trellis for the last two years. Max is more than just a furniture salesman – although he has great knowledge of furniture products and their capabilities. I have partnered with Max to plan and execute our complete headquarters building refresh. He has provided industry knowledge and trends as we create spaces that have improved collaboration, communication and overall culture at our organization. We have worked through the complexities of space design, old product removal, and new product storage, delivery and installation.”
“Delivery came before the projected ship date!!! Installation was a breeze. Tracy B is the best. Her attitude is focused on helping solve any issues, fast! Very rare these days.”
Camp Newaygo Doug Medema
“Great customer service and support throughout the selection and purchase of our furniture”
SoundOff Signal Jonathan | Senior Buyer
“The talented TRELLIS team demonstrated immersive design technology that, along with their excellent communication skills, guides but client and project team to quickly evaluate and balance the aesthetic, functionality, and budget of multiple design options. ”
Global Architecture & Design Firm Design Director
BAMF Header
“We were looking for a true partner who knew the meaning of working small, building big, and maintaining agility, no matter the geographic location. ”
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BAMF Health Dr. Anthony Chang | CEO and Co-Founder