Delivery + Installation

Our experienced team of installers work to ensure that your product is set up the way you need it, when you want it.

TRELLIS ensures that all product is delivered on schedule and coordinated with the site manager and contractors. We provide supervision, equipment, and all the necessary permits to proceed quickly and safely. And we verify the product against your order with a commitment to clean, repair, or replace damaged product.

Our installation services don’t just begin when product is delivered. We plan the installation, prepare the site, and disassemble and remove any existing furniture. If desired, we’ll move existing furniture and reinstall it in a new location.

Our installers are also MillerKnoll Certified—meaning they complete a series of training programs and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of installation practices. We follow prescribed procedures and adhere to plans and drawings. When the product arrives, our installers unpack, stage, and assemble it in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards—and restore the area to broom-clean condition.

Once installed, we check the product carefully to ensure it’s level, aligned, and working correctly. Then we clean and polish it as instructed by the manufacturer. Even after installation is complete, our service isn’t. We also train you to use the product, follow up to ensure you’re satisfied, and make any necessary changes.

A Job Well Done

We are proud of our ability to execute projects at a high level for our customers and partners.

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