Find out how the TRELLIS team increased Lighthouse Group's employees productivity.

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Lighthouse Group prides itself in being a trusted insurance and title advisor in many Michigan communities. The Lighthouse Group team promise exemplary service, leveraging top-rate relationships with a variety of carriers to offer the greatest amount of choice.

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The Challenge

The Lighthouse Group was growing and growing fast. They were quickly running out of space at their current facility. They knew they had to make a change. But building a new headquarters was more than an opportunity to add workstations. It was a chance to assess their culture and make changes that would push their company forward.

Lighthouse brought in the TRELLIS team to partner with Via Design to help build their new Grand Rapids office. We worked through the Living Office framework to understand what was important and how they wanted to shift their culture to grow.

The Outcomes

  • Maximize Real Estate
  • Connect cross-functional teams
  • Increase productivity and comfort
  • Build camaraderie among employees and fuel collaboration
  • Create landing spaces that support natural flow before and after meetings
  • Design intentional space for focused projects
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Watch how the Lighthouse Group embarked on a full office transformation with the help of TRELLIS.


We worked through our Living Office discovery process to assess the current state of their culture and dream about where they wanted to go. With these goals defined, we built them into a furniture plan that would help them achieve them. Lighthouse is loving their new space.


LightHouseGroup Clubhouse


Like this "clubhouse" for their sales team to host weekly meetings in a casual setting sharing different types of content. 

LightHouseGroup Landing Spaces

Landing Spaces

Check out this "warm up-cool down" space for employees to chat before and after meetings and also let the current meeting know you are on deck.

LightHouseGroup Adjustable Desks

Adjustable Height Desks

All employees received height-adjustable desks. After everything was installed, we brought in an ergonomic expert to train users on setting up their desks for maximum comfort and productivity.

LightHouseGroup Conference Room

Conference Rooms

We designed conference rooms throughout the space - mixing in both seated and standing height positions for employees to feel comfortable. Believe it or not, there's much thought about meeting space posture with research to back it up.

LightHouseGroup Collaboration


One of the keys to this project's success was the leadership team's openness to think differently about how they work. They knew their transformation needed to start from the top. Here is Tom Helmstetter, CEO, working in his new office set up out in the open. We created an open plan with plenty of spaces for privacy on demand. This allowed teams to collaborate freely and share knowledge across departments.

LightHouseGroup Plaza

Open Plan

Walking through their space, you will see meetings happening everywhere throughout the open plan. Furniture alone can't change the culture. We used the office move and design process as a catalyst to think through several policies and behaviors that Lighthouse wanted to change. For example, they built this beautiful plaza right off the kitchen area for team members to eat lunch, strongly encouraging them to forgo lunch at their desks. This is a great way to build camaraderie among employees and fuel serendipitous collaboration.

What they are saying about this project.

"I have seen actual improvements in our bottom line from this transformation. I cannot imagine going with our first iteration of private offices around the edge and a bullpen in the middle. We are collaborating more, learning from other departments, and having more fun. TRELLIS has been an exceptional partner."
Tom Helmstetter

Tom Helmstetter
CEO, Lighthouse Group

"Lighthouse Group’s partnership with TRELLIS has been an incredible experience. The TRELLIS team has invested in learning about our culture, people, and goals, in order to make customized recommendations, ensured our workspace moved us forward in each area. From meeting areas that are designed to support effective information sharing, landing spaces that support natural flow before and after meetings, to intentional space for focused projects, every setting has a purpose that was well thought out and designed to meet our needs." 
Sarah Hudson l Lighthouse Group

Sarah Hudson
VP Operations, Lighthouse Group

Lighthouse was an absolute joy to work with and we are continuing to transform their offices across the state."
Will Payne

Will Payne
VP Marketing & Design, TRELLIS